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Add extra fun to your day at Gore this fall with one of our hiking challenges or activities!

While you explore our variety of hiking trails, we invite you to take part in one of our fun hiking challenges or games. Choose from challenges like the Gore 6er or games like Survive the Wild. All of these offerings are FREE to participate in!

With something for every ability level across all parts of the mountain and base area plus the Ski Bowl, these activities are a perfect way to spend the day with the entire family. There are even some fun prizes to be had! Stop by Guest Services for more information.

Share photos and videos of your adventures with us! Be sure to tag @goremountain on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter or submit them via our online form. You could be featured on our channels!

Gore Mountain 6er

6er Challenge

Become one with nature while exploring six of Gore Mountain’s hiking trails.
In this personal challenge, you set the date and the pace. You can complete these hikes all in one day or over the course of multiple visits. However, your adventure must be completed during the 2022 summer/fall season in order to qualify for the title of a Gore Mountain 6er.

Complete the following trails one way: Sunway (1.2 Miles), Twister Cliffs (0.8 Miles), Trillium Trek (1.5 Miles), Sidewinder (3.3 Miles), Alpine Sky Loop (.36 miles), and Cloud Hiking Trail (1.2 Miles) during the 2021 Summer-Fall Season. See our trail map. Note: you must hike the trails.

Submit your results: Documentation must be submitted upon completion of the challenge. Use a handheld GPS or your favorite tracking app on your mobile device and submit the information in the form of screenshots, photos or any other file showing this information.

Prizes and recognition: After completing all listed trails, Gore 6ers will receive a limited edition fleece roll-up blanket. Gore 6ers will also be entered into a grand prize drawing which takes place at the conclusion of the 2022 summer/fall season.

Hike our 6er Challenge! Logo. Blanket. After completing all 6 listed trails, Gore 6ers will recive a limited edition fleece roll-up blanket.


Gore Mountain 6er Results

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    Geocaching turns an ordinary day in the woods into a high-tech treasure hunt!

    You will need a handheld GPS or the smartphone app “Geocaching” to pinpoint the locations of caches. Gore Mountain and the North Creek Ski Bowl are home to official geocache sites and descriptions can be found here with step-by-step directions and hints.

    When geocaching, please keep these simple rules in mind:

    1.)     Take something from the cache.
    2.)     Leave something in the cache.
    3.)     Mark your name in the logbook or record it online.
    4.)     Carefully reseal and place the cache back exactly where you found it.
    5.)     CITO- Cache In, Trash Out. If there is any trash in the area or in the cache, pick it up and pack it out!

    Gore Pick Up Crew

    Gore Pick Up Crew Gore MTN 2021

    Become a member of the Gore Mountain trail crew this summer!

    Receive your bags and gloves from Guest Services before you hit the trails and help us keep our beautiful mountain clean and promote Leave No Trace. Together, we can ensure that Gore’s beauty and resources are around for generations to come.

    Prizes and recognition: Participants will be listed below as members of the 2022 Pick Up Crew. For each bag filled and returned to the designated drop-off zone located outside of Guest Services, the participant’s name will be entered into a grand prize drawing which takes place at the conclusion of the 2022 summer/fall season. Each individual who presents a full garbage bag will win a roll-up blanket or a tote bag with the Gore Mountain Logo on it.

    Learn more about Leave No Trace and how you can get involved here.

    2021 Pick Up Crew:

    Kurt Weeks 7/10/21
    Lauren Weeks 7/10/21
    Maria Weeks 7/10/21
    Jeremy Smith 7/24/21
    St. Catherine’s Group 8/19/21
    Laura & Tom Paulson 8/28/21

    Scavenger Hunt Bingo

    Enjoy the perfect blend of friendly competition and family fun with an on-mountain game of scavenger hunt-style bingo on your next adventure in the woods!

    Bingo cards are available for pick up at any ticketing location or Guest Services. They may also be downloaded here: Gore Mountain Adventure Bingo Card

    Survive the Wild

    Survive The Wild

    You will need a bit of imagination and luck for this choose-your-own adventure style game that spans from the Base Area to the Upper Mountain.

    Your plane has crash landed on Gore Mountain and you need to find the essential gear to help you survive! This real time game can be played as a team or individually and there are options available for all ability levels. You can do them all in one day or over multiple visits.

    Alpine Sky Loop Mini-Game: Very Easy (45 Minutes)

    Base Area: Easier (1 Hour)

    Upper Mountain: Intermediate (1 Hour 35 Minutes)

    Head to Guest Services to pick up a score card and download your favorite dice app to play this game.

    Fall Leaf Hunt

    During our fall season, collect one of each type of leaf to win a sticker!

    Leaf Hunting Game Cards are available for pick up at any ticketing location or Guest Services. They may also be downloaded here: Gore Leaf Game


    Just for Fun!

    Looking for some fun and simple games to play on the trail? Here are some of our suggestions! They’re sure to keep the family engaged and entertained as you take in our great trail network.

    Hike and Seek: Trail Edition
    While the “seeker” stays back, the “hiders” run a short distance ahead in search of a safe place out of sight. Be sure to predetermine acceptable boundaries and limits for your party so you can have fun while staying safe!

    Art Walks
    Pack a small notebook and some colored pencils, crayons, or watercolors. Plan to take it slow, and take in the beauty of nature.  Take a break on trail or after you’ve reached your destination and allow the kids to document their experience through drawing, painting, or written word. These will be meaningful memories for years to come.

    Pack Prep ABC’s 
    Start at the beginning of the alphabet and list something that could or should be in your hiking pack. Start with “A” then work your way through all the letters in the alphabet.

    Eye Spy
    There are so many things to see on the trail! Brush up on your tree, animal and/or environmental facts then take to the mountain to keep learning.