We're Turning Sunlight into Snow

Gore Mountain is a Leader in Environmental Conservation!

We are committed to preserving the winter that we love for our future generations and strive to operate harmoniously with the environment. We work closely with the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and other environmental organizations to analyze our operations and seek alternative ways to save resources, reduce waste, and educate our guests.

Solar and Sustainability

Gore Mountain is home to a 25-year solar energy project, the largest solar array dedicated to a ski area in the United States. In 2016, 14,589 ground-mounted solar panels were constructed on 20 acres. Gore is actively decreasing energy use and continuing a long-term investment in high-efficiency snowmaking. The solar array saved nearly $124,000 in one year and the new, efficient snow guns saved 860,000 kWh of energy translating to a reduction of 946,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. These projects make Gore an industry model for its reduction of kilowatt-hours used and offsets of CO2. The ski area is also expanding recycling, creatively repurposing buildings and materials, offering locally produced foods, and offsetting energy use through strategic trail modifications. More than 250,000 visitors come to Gore Mountain each year.


Environmental Awards
Environmental Awards

NSAA Endorser Sustainable Slopes

We’ve been recognized consistently as a leader in environmental stewardship!

The NSAA presented Gore with the Sustainable Slopes Endorser Badge for 2020. Adopted by the ski industry in 2000 and updated in 2020, NSAA’s Sustainable Slopes initiative provides an overarching framework for ski areas on sustainability and enhanced environmental performance. Ski areas pledge to take steps across their operation to move toward sustainable practices.

Gore Mountain was presented with the esteemed DEC’s Environmental Excellence Award, recognized by New York State as a leader in innovation and sustainability.

Presented by SKI Magazine, the “Golden Eagle” is the industry’s most prestigious award for sustainability, and Gore’s broad range of environmental stewardship across several areas of its operation was integral to its 2016 win. At the same time, Gore Mountain successfully demonstrated that a growing resort (its acreage and uphill capacity have increased 131 percent and 142 percent respectively over the last 20 years) can simultaneously be sustainable.

Environmental Award Article

Golden Eagle Press Release

Since 2000, Gore has won three “Silver Eagle” awards, which are competitive environmental excellence awards in regard to a specific discipline.

  • Excellence in Environmental Group Relations
  • Excellence in Environmental Education
  • Excellence in Minimization of Visual Impact

Gore was also a finalist for winning a Silver Eagle for Waste Reduction & Recycling.