2024-2025 Mountain Improvements

Renderings of capital Improvements


In partnership with the Town of Johnsburg and the State of New York, Gore Mountain will break ground for the North Creek Ski Bowl Lodge, a new Hudson Chair Quad, and Zip Coaster in 2024. The new lodge will be a full-service hub for year-round activities, and the innovative zip coaster will be a unique attraction to the Northeast that combines the features of a zipline with a rail system. The lodge will be an 18,300-square-foot facility with a restaurant and two levels of patios with slopeside views. The new lift is planned to be available for the 2024-25 ski season and completion of the lodge is slated for 2025.

“The Ski Bowl project will provide a year-round boost to the business community of North Creek,” stated Mark Smith, Supervisor, Town of Johnsburg. “The Ski Bowl redevelopment is a significant project that strengthens the position of North Creek as a year-round destination.”

“After many years of working through the process, we are excited to get this project underway,” stated James Bayse, General Manager, Gore Mountain. “The new lodge will be a full-service hub for year-round activities, and the zip coaster will be a one-of-a-kind draw to our area.”

“The Ski Bowl redevelopment at Gore Mountain is an important part of our mission to create economic and social benefit,” stated Michael Pratt, President and CEO. “We thank the Town of Johnsburg for their support and look forward to the ongoing partnership in growing the regional economy.”

Read the 6/23/2023 Press Release here.


Ski Bowl Map


2023/2024 Improvements


2023-2024 Mountain Improvements

We are committed to continuous improvements to your Gore Mountain experience!

The Bear Cub Quad

Gore Mountain opened The Bear Cub Quad on December 16th, 2023.

Gore Mountain unveiled its latest addition, The Bear Cub Quad, which opened to the public on Saturday, December 16, 2023. This momentous occasion was marked by a special event that commenced at 9 am in the Snow Sports School Learning Area near the Bear Cub Quad. Distinguished attendees included Ashley Walden, CEO of the Olympic Regional Development Authority; the former Gore Mountain General Manager, James Bayse; Betty Little, the former New York State Senator; and esteemed guests of honor – our Snow Sports School Instructors.

James Bayse, the former General Manager of Gore Mountain, shared his excitement about the Bear Cub Quad, stating, “The Bear Cub Quad significantly enhanced the learning experience at Gore. It offered numerous advantages, such as its considerable length compared to the previous surface lift, which extended to the lower part of Lower Sunway, and an expansive lower-angle learning area. This new lift allowed instructors and students more time on the snow to hone their skills, contributing to developing lifelong skiers and riders.”

“We were thrilled to open the Bear Cub Quad, which improved everyone’s access to Gore Mountain’s lower mountain terrain, while making for an even better learning experience,” said Ashley Walden, ORDA’s President & CEO. “This new lift signified our commitment to Gore being an exceptional place for all levels of skiers and snowboarders to develop their skills.”

Named in homage to its predecessor, the Bear Cub Conveyor-Load Quad was upgraded from the previous Bear Cub Poma Surface Lift. The new lift spanned an impressive 1,912 feet and provided direct access to the Lower Sunway trail, one of the most easier-rated trails in the area. Additionally, the new lift loaded guests more rapidly. The top of Bear Cub Run, or the easiest-rated trail, was opened up and had an entrance off Lower Sunway for another exciting run option.

We’ve expanded our snowmaking at the Ski Bowl this year, allowing us to make more snow on multiple trails simultaneously. We also added snowmaking capabilities for the first time on Moxham and upgraded our snow guns to high-efficiency tower guns on 46er.

We upgraded our single Bear Cub Poma Lift to a conveyor-load quad. More than doubling the length of its predecessor, the Bear Cub Quad reaches 1912′ in length and unloads onto our Lower Sunway trail, a green circle easiest trail. We opened up the top of Bear Cub Run to allow direct access to the lift for another run! This quad has made loading easier for first-timers and is ideal for progressing from Bear Cub Run to the Sunway Chair and beyond. On Bear Cub Run, our easiest-rated trail in our learning zone, we have two conveyor surface lifts as a great first step! This new lift is the next step for those first learning how to get on a lift. The conveyor load helps new skiers, and riders time their loading correctly.

The Bear Cub Quad

Diagram for the Bear Cub Quad's placement along Lower Sunway and Bear Cub Run.

Other Improvements in 2023-24 include:
-New Lockers in the Base Area
-Electricity Update in the Base Area
-New Flooring in Guest Services
-More Rentals for Skiers & Riders


2022/2023 Improvements

“BACKWOODS” – Our NEW Blue Square Trail on Burnt Ridge Mountain – Grand Opening, January 26, 2023.

Backwoods Open
Grand Opening January 26, 2023.


The Backwoods Trail
Click image to expand

This 60’ wide intermediate-rated trail with grooming and snowmaking capabilities enters near the top of the Burnt Ridge Quad and runs alongside the Barkeater Glades, ending just uphill of the Roaring Brook Bridge at the bottom of The Pipeline, making your adventure to Little Gore Mountain and the Ski Bowl more direct and easily accessible!

View of Backwoods from above

New Snowmaking Equipment

Over 230 new snowguns have been installed on Backwoods, our new trail on Burnt Ridge, as well as Showcase, Uncas, Paradox, Peaceful Valley, and Chatiemac. More sections on the Interconnect will have snowmaking on the trails so we can keep them open longer and groom sections of them. Stay tuned for more exciting updates for our snowmakers!

snowmaking tower guns

2021/2022 Improvements

Completed projects include trail modifications, snowmaking improvements, and communications upgrades.

The easier-rated Lower Sunway trail has been re-graded with a snowmaking upgrade that includes new pipe and tower guns. These modifications have delighted beginner and novice skiers with a smoother ride into the Base Area.

New Lower Sunway Regrade

The Arena trail has been widened and also received a snowmaking upgrade. These updates will allow us to hold several slopestyle competitions included in the Winter World University Games 2023. NY’s ORDA venues are proud to host this 11-day international festival and competition as the world unites in Lake Placid, NY for the largest winter multi-sport collegiate athletic event.

Drone footage of a ski trail that is wider

HKD Guns on The Arena

We created a new entry for the black diamond Lower Steilhang trail that will allow us to add snowmaking capabilities. With easier access for our grooming fleet, that means more time on the trail for our awesome experts!

Drone footage of a entry for a ski trail in the summer

New energy-efficient tower guns equipped with the latest snowmaking technologies have been installed on the Echo trail, home to a FIS-certified racecourse. Echo also got a new pipeline allowing for new snow to be made at the top of Burnt Ridge much faster.

HKD Blue Sky

Additionally, two grooming machines were added to the fleet for the 21/22 snow season and a new highspeed fiber line was run to the mountain improving connection for guests and staff alike.


2020/2021 Improvements

Two New Lifts – Sunway Chair & High Peaks Quad

The High Peaks Chair was replaced with a new quad that now delivers skiers and riders to Gore’s true summit, opening up fresh access to all four peaks and the entire Straight Brook Valley. The Sunway Chair has also been upgraded to a new quad, creating an even better experience for everyone. This new lift features a modern conveyor-style loading area that is ideal for small children and those just getting started. Check out the new unloading zone a little further uphill too.

Terrain Modifications

Formerly called Cutoff and previously rated as more difficult, this trail in the Northwoods Area was lengthened and redesigned to become an easier-rated trail. “Pete’s Paradise” offers an additional beginner option for family-friendly adventures and another place in Gore’s improved learning area for novices to practice.

More Pumping Capacity

The reservoir for snowmaking was expanded in 2020, resulting in a significant increase in the system’s capacity. Gore can pump more water through its recently modernized snowmaking infrastructure of automated technologies, energy-saving compressors, and high-efficiency guns to provide quality coverage on more trails earlier in the season.

Lodge Renovations

Recent Updates to Our Lodges

We expanded the Base Lodge in 2018 with a huge two-story addition that has doubled the Tannery Pub & Restaurant size. The Tannery received a complete renovation and larger kitchen and now seats up to 435 people offering year-round facilities for special events including banquets, weddings, and conferences. The lower level addition houses even more seasonal lockers!

Winter 17-18 unveiled a brand-new mid-mountain experience at the Saddle Lodge. The size of the space more than doubled. Between runs, treat yourself to a food court-style meal, and dine in front of a spectacular showcase of the Adirondack High Peaks. Updates to the Saddle Lodge included an attractively styled vernacular, an expanded and updated kitchen to serve a more creative menu, new bathrooms, and an approachable façade and lobby area upon entry.

The adventurous guests of Gore Mountain’s summit have a great place to warm up and chill out at the Straight Brook Lodge. A complete renovation of the original 1967 gondola unloading station kept the original structure and most of the lift machinery intact while facilitating the basics of shelter, restrooms, and a place for socializing and camaraderie between skiers. Inside there is a warming room with tables and benches, vending machines, and eco-friendly composting toilets.

A large addition to the Northwoods Lodge offers a larger rental and repair shop!  There is also more space for the children’s Mountain Adventure programs, and improved arrival and registration processes. Larger restrooms on the lower level include a “family restroom” to better accommodate parents with young children.

Spend more time on Burnt Ridge Mountain this season, because in 2019 we added a little cabin for warming up between laps! This recent improvement was completed in partnership with our friends at NYSEF & The Town of Johnsburg.

Other Recent Updates

Direct-to-Lift Gates and Reloadable SKI3 Cards

Gore Mountain installed new direct-to-lift access gates equipped with RFID technology. All lift access (tickets, season passes, frequent skier cards) is now applied to RFID-enabled SKI3 Cards, which you keep tucked away securely in your jacket. No more worrying about losing your ticket or pass on the mountain or having to present it to the attendants before your rides. Our SKI3 Cards can be renewed online for several years so hang onto yours!

Competition-Level Cross Course

The Pot Luck and Wild Air trails have joined forces to deliver a premier competition freestyle course. Look for a prime jump line and new earthen features that mean serious action on event days, and all-around extra fun and big air the other days. Gore was thrilled to host the 2020 NorAm Hole Shot & Revolution Tour and several USASA events on this new course.

Snow, Snow, & More Snow

The 2018 construction season saw major overhauls to our snowmaking infrastructure, including a new pump house and an increase in water pumping capacity of 2,000 more gallons per minute. More snow – and faster, means more terrain to shred, your favorite trail open sooner, and more days and nights on the slopes. During the 18/19 snow season, we welcomed the addition of 312 brand-new automated tower guns! These guns respond to real-time weather changes automatically allowing our crew to be in other locations and work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Stronger Grooming Fleet

Those that love their morning of perfect, undisturbed, snowy corduroy are in for a treat. With all the pow we’re spreading, and more grooming tractors to help the cause, we think you’ll be majorly impressed.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Charge your car as you re-charge on the mountain. We offer six ChargePoint stations in Lot C. Thanks to drivers of electric cars for your commitment to renewable energy and environmental sustainability!

New Gore Mountain Logo

Check out our new logo! It has some fun “hidden” features- it’s in the shape of a sideways “G” with four peaks depicted, along with a nod at the ORDA logo and a reminder of the historic mark.

Another Downhill Bike Trail – Summer/Fall 2019

There’s a new mountain bike trail – check out The Hollow on your next downhill riding adventure!