Spacious Mid-Mountain Lodge - Two Levels of Seating & Scenic Views! Saddle Lodge is located near the unloading area of the Adirondack Express Quad. Please check back for our updated menu for the 20/21 snow season!

Saddle Lodge

Open 8am-4pm daily during the snow season

This mid-mountain lodge, located near the top of Adirondack Express II, features spectacular views of the Adirondack High Peaks and makes for the perfect place to meet up with your crew for a quick break or relaxing meal. Saddle Lodge was renovated and expanded in 2017 and offers two spacious levels of seating, with food service and restrooms available. Warm up near the garnet fireplace and recharge yourself with a tasty treat like twin tacos with house-smoked meats or a piping hot bowl of our delicious homemade chili!