A Beginner’s Guide to Gore Mountain

Everything you need to know to make your first turns the most enjoyable. 

Welcome to the wonderful sport of skiing and riding! Whether you’re about to make your first turns or picking it back up- we are so happy you decided to enjoy winter with us because humans were never meant to hibernate! To ease you into the sport we’ve compiled a list of our money-saving tips, expert advice, and a few pointers- you’ll be a pro in no time!

Make Your Plans.

We recommend purchasing lift tickets, snow sports lessons, and rental equipment online in advance. Prep for your first day by lining up these three reservations.

  1. Book Your Ticket: You will need a lift ticket first to book a lesson, AND the earlier you buy the more you can save! Get your ticket here.
  2. Book Your Lesson: You will need to make this reservation at least 72 hours in advance of your snow day. You can add up to 4 beginner friends to your private lesson to save and have fun learning together. Try to make sure the group is all skiing or all snowboarding to maximize the experience. Request your lesson reservation here.
    EXPERT TIP: We highly recommend taking a lesson! Not only are they super cool folks but they have years of certified experience and proven teaching techniques that will make your first time safer, easier, and more fun!
  3. Book Your Rentals: We cannot stress enough the importance of using gear that fits you correctly. While you are just learning, borrowing your friend’s outdated or mismatched gear won’t allow you to have the best experience. You want to make sure the equipment you are learning on is appropriate for your height, weight, shoe size, and skill level. All our gear is tuned and well maintained, and we even have specialty rentals designed for those just getting started. Our ski and snowboard rentals include a helmet, so stay safe by wearing it! Make your reservation here.

First Time Lesson

Get Ready.

Your first day on the slopes is right around the corner so here are our tips on how to dress and other

  • Dress Right: The gear and helmet are covered but what should you wear? We suggest wearing a few layers so you don’t get cold, and avoid cotton as it will not keep you warm once it gets wet. You may also get hot while you’re learning! We recommend a sweat-wicking base layer, an insulating layer like a fleece or puffy jacket, ski/snowboard socks that aren’t too thick, a waterproof & windproof coat and pants, and gloves or mittens.  Bring a neck warmer, goggles, a warm hat, and a pair of comfortable winter boots!
  • Other things to bring: In your coat, you can hold a cellphone, some cash or cards, and maybe a pair of sunglasses.

Arrive at Gore.

Woo-hoo! The day is finally here and you’re ready to hit the slopes! Have a hearty breakfast, stay hydrated, and head to the mountain early.

  1. Lesson Screening: Every participant needs to complete a health screening by 7:30am on the morning of the lesson. Each person will have to complete this individually. Take the screening here.
  2. Use Your Car as the Base Lodge: Park and arrive using the guidance of our parking attendants. Plan to leave as much of your personal belongings in the car as you can. We have limited space in our lodges for bag storage.
  3. Get Your Ticket: Head to one of our kiosks to scan the code sent to your email or visit one of our ticket windows. You can also get your ticket at our rental window.
  4. Get Your Rentals: Go to the main entrance on the lower level of the Northwoods Lodge. Our rental shop is located across the main hallway from the information desk. We recommended that you arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the lesson start time to ensure a prompt start.
  5. Check In: Head to the Snow Sports tent located slopeside next to the Northwoods Lodge. We’ll verify your screening and introduce you to your instructor!

HELPFUL HINT: Wait until after you are fitted with your gear and ready to go outside before you put on your final layers. If you happen to forget something, our Retail Shop is likely to have what you need.

A first time skier

Take Your Lesson.

Have fun, laugh at yourself, and be proud of the progress you made- you’re learning a new skill and making memories! Masks are recommended for both instructors and students at all times.

DID YOU KNOW? Our learning area has such a new dynamic this winter with the upgrade of the Sunway Chair (to a new quad!) and the re-graded trail, Pete’s Paradise. The new quad has a load-assisted carpet and an unloading area further up the mountain, tucked away on the side with a milder pitch. Practicing your first turns or picking back up the sport has never been so enjoyable!

What to Expect: Our instructors typically like to start you off by acclimating you to your gear, finding balance, and making your first slides. You’ll graduate to terrain with more pitch as you are ready for it.

Time for Après!

You did it! Celebrate with some warm food, a cold drink, and a soak in a hot tub. Ready for more? Make another lesson to continue building your skills!

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