We know how much you love to make Gore Mountain your winter playground. With such a fantastic variety of terrain, laid-back vibe, and unmatched Adirondack scenery, what skier or rider wouldn’t? But do you know that our four peaks come alive during the summer and fall, bursting with color and bustling with nature? Discover Gore’s hidden treasures for your next hiking adventure!



Just like in winter, we offer hiking trails for all abilities with plenty of options to keep you busy all day. If you’re looking to take it easy you can find two easier loops within the Base Area. Warm up with a half-mile lap around Bobcat or head to the Hardwood Forest where we’ve laid out fun and informative signage for you to discover. Alpine Sky Loop is located near the top of the gondola skyride, along with our Observation Deck and Mountaintop Labyrinth. Intermediate and advanced hikers can find stunning southern views from Twister Cliffs Outlook on Burnt Ridge Mountain, head out on our most challenging trek, the Cloud Hiking Trail, and be rewarded with signature Adirondack views!



Be mindful of sharing the trails. You may encounter other hikers, downhill bikers, or wildlife at any point during your excursion. Be sure to maintain your distance, especially from wild animals. You’re in their home now; respect their space and do not approach them. If you stay very still and quiet, you just might get a chance at a great photo before they catch your scent and hustle off into the forest.



What to pack: It’s important to be prepared for your outing on the mountain. Things to bring include a camera, binoculars, bug spray, sunscreen, a first aid kit, bottled water, snacks, an extra mask, and a whistle. Pack some snacks or even a picnic lunch. Please help us keep our hiking trails clean and the wildlife safe – if you carry it in, carry it out.



What to wear: Watch the weather and dress for the day. Sturdy hiking shoes or trail running shoes are strongly recommended. If you’re planning to explore deeper within the trail network, wear pants and make sure to have a long sleeve layer available. These items will reduce your exposure to natural elements such as insects and thorns.



Safety tip: After spending any time outdoors, check yourself and your mates carefully for ticks. Learn more on how to protect yourself from these troublesome parasites.

Upon arrival: Sign in to the trail system at our hiking registry near the ticket windows, grab a trail map, and double-check your pack before you head out. If you forgot something or need to stock up, visit Open Pit Grille on the sundeck. We’re well-stocked with grab-and-go food as well as souvenirs, hiker’s necessities, and safety essentials. Grab a scenic skyride ticket and enjoy the relaxing ride as our lift delivers you to the center of our hiking network.



Hiking trails and outdoor spaces at Gore Mountain are dog-friendly so bring your well-behaved furry friend along if you wish. Leashes are required at all times and please clean up after your animal. Dogs are not allowed inside any of our lodges or on our lifts and gondola.



So whether you’re reuniting with distant ski buddies, strolling with cherished family members, introducing first-time visitors, or exploring on your own, take some time to enjoy the fresh mountain air, beautiful Adirondack views, and countless opportunities to observe something unique and natural. We look forward to welcoming you to the mountain this summer!