Illustration of very organized ski gear

How to Keep Your Gear in the Best Shape During the Warmer Months

You may find yourself using this extra time at home to tackle some cleaning and organizing projects. Don’t skip over your ski and snowboard gear, now is a good time to start a new end-of-season routine. By storing your gear properly, you’ll be ready to go when the lifts are spinning and keep your ride in tip-top shape for years to come.

Clean & Tune

First, clean both sides of your board(s) to remove any dirt, let them air dry. Carefully remove rust from your ski edges with a gummy stone, scouring pad, or fine-medium steel wool. Next, remove old wax with a brass, copper, or bronze brush, or a plexiglass scraper. If needed, use a mild citric solution or base cleaner. Apply fresh wax generously to the base and edges to protect from moisture and rust. Hot waxing is best, but rub-on waxes will suffice. Do not use liquid waxes for storage purposes. Pro tip: Remember to scrape off the excess wax before you ski next season.

Ski & Board Storage

Store skis, snowboards, boots, apparel, and accessories in a temperature-controlled environment; away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Heat will dry out your boards, as well as plastics and fabrics. Moisture will promote rust on ski edges and other metals. Good storage locations are typically in closets and spare rooms, or even under your bed.
Unfinished attics, basements, and garages should be avoided because they tend to be either too dry, too wet, or too hot. Do not store skis on concrete floors. Concrete is porous and can release moisture which can rust your edges. Skis should be stored flat on their sides without anything on top. Pro tip: It is very important not to compress the ski’s camber unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer.

Ski Apparel

Examine your fabrics for tears, holes, and snags, then wash and completely dry all ski apparel. When cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as cleaning instructions may differ depending on the fabrics and materials used. Pro tip: Inspect for damage- it’s better to know beforehand if you need to replace anything, so you can look for great bargains at off- & pre-season sales.


Wipe or wash down the exterior of both boots. Be sure to buckle them, it helps keep them in the correct shape. Pro tip: Tuck in dryer sheets for a fresh smell next season. Try to avoid storing your ski boots in your garage so critters can’t get to them…YUCK! Pro tip: Storing your boots in a boot bag allows you to keep them together in a safe place, along with lots of other gear like ski socks, goggles, gloves, and your helmet.