General Reminders

For emergency help, call (518) 251-3838 during our operating hours. Call 911 outside these hours.

Stay on designated trails.

Hikers always have right of way.

Maintenance vehicles and/or heavy construction equipment are in operation on the mountain at all times. Remain aware of your surroundings and obey all posted warnings.

Do you have allergies or illness? Remember your medications.

Ticks are prevalent across the Adirondacks. It’s important to check your skin and clothing after spending any time outdoors. Insect repellent and clothing such as long sleeves and long pants can help in preventing tick bites.

Sorry, we are not a pet-friendly venue. For ORDA’s full Service Animal Policy- read here.

Hiking & Biking Trail Map

Plan Your Adventure

Before you arrive, here are some tips to help make the most of your day on the mountain.

Plan Ahead & Prepare:

Check out our trail descriptions and review or download our hiking & biking trail map. Make a plan that fits your group’s ability level and decide what you need to bring with you.

What to Pack:

Once you’ve planned your trip and have an idea of how long you will be on the mountain, you will have a better idea of exactly what items you should load into your day pack.

  • Navigation: map, GPS, phone
  • Clothing & Footwear: weather-appropriate layers of clothing; hiking boots or closed-toed sneakers
  • Food & Water: trail snacks, lunch, reusable water bottles, and plenty of water! (Or, visit the Open Pit Grille on our sundeck before you head out.)
  • Emergency Items: first aid kit, whistle, pocket knife or multi-tool
  • Sun & Bug Protection: sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen
  • Extras: camera, field guide, binoculars, magnifying glass, free hiking activities

Lodges & Services

Base Lodge: Ticket windows (outside), Retail Shop, Restrooms

Sundeck – Open Pit Grille: Foodservice Windows, Picnic Tables

Northwoods Lodge: Restrooms

Saddle Lodge (mid-mountain): Restrooms, Second-level Views

Mountain Biker's Responsibility Code

Mountain biking involves serious risk. Your knowledge, decisions, and actions contribute to your safety and that of others. Review these tips often to help ensure a fun and safe day on the trails.


  • STAY IN CONTROL. You are responsible for avoiding objects and people.
  • KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Ride within your ability. Start small and work your way up.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF. Use an appropriate bike, helmet, and protective equipment.
  • INSPECT AND MAINTAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT. Know your components and their operation prior to riding.
  • BE LIFT SMART. Know how to load, ride, and unload safely. Ask for help if you need it.
  • INSPECT THE TRAILS AND FEATURES. Conditions change constantly; plan and adjust your riding accordingly.
  • OBEY SIGNS AND WARNINGS. Stay on marked trails only. Keep off closed trails and features. Ride in the direction indicated.
  • BE VISIBLE. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, feature, landing, or are not visible from above.
  • LOOK OUT FOR OTHERS. Look both ways and yield when entering or crossing a road or trail. When overtaking, use caution and yield to those ahead.
  • COOPERATE. If you are involved in or are a witness to an accident, identify yourself to staff.

Scenic Skyrides

Although our accessible and fully enclosed 8-passenger Northwoods Gondola is scheduled to run each day we’re open during the summer and fall, this lift is subject to substitution without notice due to heat index and other safety variables. Our alternative is the open-air 4-passenger chairlift, Adirondack Express II. Much of the information below applies only to chairlift skyrides, but we recommend reviewing this page as some of these items are universal or gondola-specific.

Scenic Skyride Policy

  • Adult passengers carrying children in their arms, backpacks, or other carrying devices, may ride in gondola cabins but not on chairlifts.
  • All chairlift riders must be able to approach the loading area unassisted and be able to sit upright in their own seat. All riders must stay in their own seat for the duration of the ride (no lap sitting).
  • It is recommended that chairlift riders be at least 52” tall to ride on a chairlift alone and be able to raise and lower the restraint bar under their own power.
  • For the benefit of our guests and employees, we reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the eligibility and safety of a rider.
  • No smoking while on the skyride.
  • Pets are not allowed on chairlifts or gondolas. For ORDA’s full Service Animal Policy- read here.

How to Safely Load and Ride A Chairlift:

Riding a chairlift is one of the safest forms of transportation available, but there are risks involved when people and moving machines come together. Your personal behavior is critical for overall chairlift safety. Need assistance? Ask the lift attendant for help if needed, that is what they’re here for!

  • It is best that a parent or adult ride in the middle of the chair seat, with the child and/or children on either side of the adult. The smallest kids should load closest to the attendant.
    • Adult passengers carrying children in their arms, or in any type of pack, may ride in gondola cabins but may not ride on chairlifts. Children need to be able to sit up under their own ability to ride on chairlifts.
  • You should load onto a chair seat when you are ready. It’s okay to allow an empty chair to go by if you or your child is not prepared to safely load the lift.
  • Before loading, remove and hold packs as straps may become entangled. Holding packs will reduce the likelihood of this happening.
  • When loading, watch for the approaching chair. Then sit back as far as possible and never lean forward toward the edge of the seat, nor rest on the restraint bar.
  • Sit still, hang on, and absolutely no horseplay while riding the lifts!
  • Drop something? Let it fall. Ask our safety patrol or lift attendant for help once you have unloaded.