The Buzz About Burnt Ridge

Skiing on Burnt Ridge Mountain is the escape you have been looking for- the trails are monsters, and often you’ll have them all to yourself. With an adventure on Burnt Ridge Mountain, you’ll find scenery, solitude, and smiles. Come see why Burnt Ridge regulars want to keep it a secret!

Man Skking on The top scenic view of Burnt Ridge
Scenic Views on Echo

When you start the trek to this more remote area of Gore, it’s as if you’re leaving the world behind you. Yeah, it’s a bit of a journey- but it’s worth it.

Lift on Burnt Ridge
Luxurious High-Speed Quad

Burnt Ridge gives you a dose of the Adirondack backcountry, but adds the amenities of a ski resort. Every chair is padded on the high-speed Burnt Ridge Quad, and new for the 19/20 season is a little warming cabin at the top of the lift. You’ll appreciate the extra comfort after tackling the 1.3-mile Sagamore. It’s a super-friendly black diamond roller coaster that waits until the end to really test your stamina.

Lady skiing on Burnt Bridge
Skiing Sagamore

The popular and challenging Echo trail has beautiful scenic vistas as you glide through its glacial erratics on the ridge of a picturesque valley. Once you reach the first pitch you’ll see why this trail is FIS-certified to official racing standards. It has a long pitch, offers you plenty of room for large sweeping turns, then delivers a steep headwall that will keep any experienced skier on their toes.  The trail loosens its grip to deliver you into the Base Area or back through The Gully to do it all again.

Skiers on a trail
Skiing fast on Echo

Burnt Ridge Mountain is a treasure trove of glades. The Cirque Glades are reported to be the longest in the East. While you’re on Burnt Ridge, check out the diversity of the tree species surrounding you. The serene silence in the woods, with snow falling lightly around you and little animals rushing about is something worth cherishing.

A group of kids in the glades
Kids in the Cirque Glades

The Burnt Ridge area is key to the Interconnect between the North Creek Ski Bowl and Gore’s Base Area. Check out our trail map for a visual of how to get from one mountain area to the next.