Winter is here! Are you ready for adventure? To help you prep for the season, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to make this season the best yet.

  • First, make sure you’ll have access to the mountain – break out your RFID Season Pass, Frequent Skier Card, or E-Ticket SKI3 Card. A limited amount of tickets are available for each day of the season- some dates may sell out. Buy your tickets online in advance to ensure your snow day(s).
  • Prep your skis and boards. You probably want to freshen up the wax and sharpen the edges – head to our Repair Shop and schedule a tune so you’ll be sliding and shredding at peak performance.

repair shop

  • Give all your soft layers a good wash- be sure to follow the labels’ instructions to prevent any damage. Everyone’s choice of snow apparel is unique. Our tip is to make sure you feel the most comfortable. Overall, avoid anything cotton as it does not wick the moisture from your body as well as wool or other synthetic materials. Also, once cotton is wet, it doesn’t dry well so you’ll be cold! Here are our recommendations:
    • Warm Tall Socks (make sure they don’t bunch or are too thick)
    • Ski / Snowboard Boots
    • Sweat-wicking base layer for legs and torso
    • Thermal layer on top
    • Wind / Waterproof Shell or Snow Jacket
    • Gloves
    • Health and safety mask
    • Face mask for cold or helmet cover
    • Helmet (We highly recommend one with the latest safety technology and replacing it every 2-5 years or after any “hit.” Make sure your helmet fits correctly.)
    • Goggles (Check your lenses so on the sunny days, you’re not blinded, and cloudier days you can see!)
  • Maybe this year you need to upgrade some equipment like a helmet, goggles, socks, or gloves- our Retail Shop has got you covered. Plus, season passholders save 10%.

  • Does your vehicle have snow tires on them? Never miss a powder day; consider switching your tires out each season.
  • Keep a snow bag in your car. Load it up with everything you need so you can grab and go- we suggest including a change of shoes and socks, reusable water bottle, sunscreen, hand warmers, chapstick, sunglasses, warm hat, and clean clothes should you sweat during the day and/or you can enjoy après.

Tannery Dining Room

  • Make a fun hype-up playlist for the drive to the mountain or download a podcast.
  • Read up on Gore’s latest improvements to be in the know. Everyone will be impressed with your Gore knowledge.
  • Sign up for a ski school program or schedule a lesson this season. Our instructors are amazing and they’ll love to show you a few tips and help build your skills while having a fabulous time on the mountain.

A one on one lesson

  • Get a good face mask and make sure you are using the right kind. Thin one-layer buffs and masks with vents/holes don’t fit the bill. We like the reusable exercise-specific masks that are breathable. Gore is requiring face masks at all times indoors regardless of vaccination status as well as additional protocols to keep everyone safe. Please read our Health and Safety guidelines before each visit to the mountain.
  • Get into tip-top skiing and riding shape! We are doing resistant squats, side shuffles, yoga warrior poses, and stretches to ensure our legs are ready.
  • Track your snow day with a skiing/riding app. See how much vert you’ve shredded, how many miles you skied, and more. Share your stats with friends by tagging #GoreMountain on social media.
  • Last but not least: read our snow report the evening before and the morning of your visit. We also recommend listening to our daily podcast for the most up-to-date mountain info.

We can’t wait to see you soon!